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Twitter for Singletons

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Twitter for Singletons


This page will house short tutorials designed to introduce new users to the basic features of Twitter.  Readers may also find the following articles and blog entries to be valuable:


Testing Out Twitter

The Importance of a Personal Learning Network

One Tweet CAN Change the World

Twitter for Singletons in a PLC

Twitter as a Tool for Professional Development

Twitter Hashtags for Educators




Table of Contents







Twitter Tutorials


Twitter is a great place for singletons who are working in PLCs to find potential partners to learn with and conversations to join.  Unfortunately, many teachers are intimidated by Twitter or fail to see its value.  These short videos are designed to provide teachers with an overview of just how Twitter works and how Twitter can be used to seek out professional partners to learn with. 



Twitter Tutorial #1: The Twitter Homepage






Twitter Tutorial #2: Sharing Resources in Twitter






Twitter Tutorial #3:  Finding Peers to Learn With






Twitter Tutorial #4: Using Hashtags to find Learning Partners






Twitter Tutorial #5: Introducing the Music PLN Website







Wiggio Tutorials


The most effective professional learning communities hold fast to several key practices. They identify essential outcomes with one another. They study instructional practices together. They develop common assessments and reflect on student learning data together. All of these behaviors should be expected of every professional learning team, including those who join together in electronic spaces.


While there are dozens of digital tools that can be used to support these kinds of behaviors, one of the best is Wiggio. What makes Wiggio unique is that it enables several different kinds of interactions between members of collaborative groups. Let’s take a closer look at Wiggio.



Introduction to Wiggio



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Studying the Wiggio Group Homepage



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Scheduling a Meeting in Wiggio



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Editing Files in Wiggio





St Mary's School Video


While not directly connected to the idea of using digital tools to support learning teams, the following four videos may be interesting to participants in Bill Ferriter's summer sessions on singletons in professional learning communities.  They feature Dr. Jeffry Maher of the St. Mary's Public Schools in Maryland speaking about the steps that his district takes to structure professional learning for every district. 








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