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Visual Influence

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Visual Influence


In today's world, influencers are increasingly dependent on visual content to communicate messages.  Understanding the elements of influental visual images---photographs, PowerPoint slides, videos---is an essential skill for success.  The materials on this page are designed to introduce students to these elements. 




Characteristics of Memorable Images



Both of the images below are designed to help viewers think through the consequences of global poverty.  This activity is designed to help students think through the strengths and weaknesses of both images.  It draws from the ideas about stickiness layed out by Chip and Dan Heath in the book Made to Stick


PowerPoint Image 1



Original Image:  Homeless in Sugamo 1 by Jim Fischer, licensed Creative Commons Attribution. 




PowerPoint Image 2



Original Image:  Save Our Children by rachdian, licensed Creative Commons Attribution.





Checklist for Creating Influential Images



Creating influential visual images requires careful attention to the key elements of memorable ideas. Use this checklist to help think through the visual image that you are required to create on the topic that we are studying in class.


Scoring Influential Images



When rating an influential message built from an image, three categories are important to consider: The content that has been included, the production enhancements that make the image more engaging, and the overall appearance of the final product. This rubric is designed to help teachers and students rate visual images. Consider circling the individual statements that best describe the efforts of the student that you are responsible for giving feedback to.



Examining Video Activity



One of the first steps that you should take before creating your own influential video is to carefully examine a digital story created by other students. Spend a few minutes answering the following questions while watching Poverty Matters (http://blip.tv/file/2606998), a video created by middle schoolers and designed to introduce viewers to global poverty.


Poverty Matters Video





Teacher Checklist for Digital Video Projects



While teacher and student created video projects are rapidly becoming a part of today’s classrooms, they require careful planning and structure. This checklist can help you to think through the kinds of technical and pedagogical questions that you’ll need to answer before video projects are successful in your classroom.


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